Please Review Charles County Information Regarding Parking During a Snow Event:


 Charles County has information on their website: snow 

Charles County says, "if you have a driveway, use it.  The more cars off the street, the better the job we can do and the less likely it is that your car will be plowed in, splashed by salt spray or be the victim of a  collision."


The Greenhaven Run Community Association Board of Directors would like to ask all residents of the sections with single-family homes (Sections 2 and 3) to avoid parking on the street during a snowfall or when snow plowing can be expected.  Charles County has notified Greenhaven Run that if its plows cannot make it down these our streets, which are narrow, then they will skip plowing that street.  If you cannot park in your driveway or garage, you may consider parking along Silent Creek Drive from Markby Court to Steward?s Chance on the opposite side of the basketball court.


Greenhaven Run has hired contractors to plow the parking lots on Housely Place and Tree Frog Place (both of which are owned by our association) once snowfall exceeds 2".  We are not the only customers, and appreciate your patience as the crews service us as fast as they can.  Charles County plows all the rest of our streets, which are public. 


Greenhaven Run Board Looking For New Volunteers: Spring 2018

The Greenhaven Run Community Association Board is looking for new members to volunteer in 2016.  The terms of some of our Board members is expiring, and we are looking for members who can dedicate a little time each quarter to ensure our community is managed in the best way possible.  Please attend the spring meeting (announcement coming soon) if you wish to participate.

Change of Landscaping Contractor: Jan 2016

After a review of multiple bids from other vendors, the Greenhaven Run Board of Directors has decided to pursue HYPER Landscaping and Design as the landscapers for our community in an effort to try to achieve better results with the care and maintenance of our common areas.  Starting in 2016,  HYPER Landscaping and Design workers will be tending to the public areas throughout the community.

Blackstone Management is the Main Point of Contact for all HOA issues.

Blackstone Management is the company conducting operating business on behalf of the Greenhaven Run Community Association under the direction of the Board of Directors.  By using a management company, the Board has been able to begin a number of long-delayed projects the community previously approved and create individual accounts will be created for each member.  Members now have the ability to pay on-line!  Blackstone will also get competing bids for all projects and services to ensure that Greenhaven Run is getting the best return on its investments. 

Emails sent via the form on this website will be sent to Blackstone for central processing, registering, and faster responses for members.  All issues will still be seen by the Board of Directors.   

For issues in the community, you can continue to use the Contact Us page here or call 240-349-2117 during business hours of 9-5 a.m., Mon-Fri, to reach a receptionist who will get a message to our community manager, Mr. Forrest Baggarly.

Members who still wish to address the Board will continue to have this ability through open Board meetings.  The dates and locations for these meetings will be posted on this website as they are scheduled.  



Please bring both your trash bins and your Charles County-provided recycle bins in each night after pickup.  Trash pickup is every Tuesday and Friday, and recycle pickup is every other Tuesday. 

Also: Please pick up after your pet waste.  It is against both HOA covenants as well as Charles County code to leave pet waste on any public sidewalk, street, green space (i.e., outside the basketball court), playground, bus stop, and most importantly: on any of your neighbor's private property (yards).  Please help keep our neighborhood clean and sanitary.  



Please bring your trash bins in each night.  - Updated 
Please bring your trash bins in each night.  Even if you live in the townhomes and/or do not have a garage, trash bins must be removed from view of the sidewalk after they are emptied by the trash removal service.  They must be removed on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and put out no earlier than sunset the night before.  If you aren't going to be home, consider asking a neighbor to bring the bins into their garage for you.  This will both keep the neighborhood looking nice, and keep thieves from knowing your home is empty.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Walking your dog "do"s and "don't"s. - Updated 
When you walk your pets, please ensure to only use sidewalks and common areas.  Easements that provide access to the stormwater retention ponds, and especially those that run behind neighbors' houses, are not meant as public common areas, and create privacy issues even if they are landscaped.  Please be considerate of your neighbors by using only sidewalks and open areas in front of homes.
Also, please ensure to pick up after your pet in any of the common areas, pavement, or on any other Member's property.  This is important not only for health and common courtesy, but also helps ensure the neighborhood is a nice place to live.  It is also part of Charles County law.  Your cooperation and consideration of your neighbors is appreciated. 


Parking in the townhomes - Updated 
Please be considerate of your neighbors by parking in your garage and/or driveway, if you have them, before using common parking spaces.  Some of your neighbors do not have garages and/or driveways, and would like to be able to park in front of their own homes.  Also, using common parking before you use your driveway uses stalls that could otherwise be used by visitors.  Your cooperation is appreciated by all. 


Please use the Exterior Alteration Applications before beginning work - Updated 
Are you installing a new deck or patio,  back-yard fence, shed, or otherwise modifying your property (including flower beds, tree removal, and other landscaping)?  Don't forget to get Community Association approval before you proceed!  These simple steps can save you time, hassle, and money!  If you forgot to obtain HOA approval and have already completed your work, don't forget to submit the application for approval to avoid being forced to remove your item. 



Board of Directors Projects:
The Board of Directors is currently undertaking the following projects:

The Board of Directors is working with Barley-Vaira Developers and Charles County to address water drainage issues in Section III, Phase 2 - These areas are around the stormwater maintenance ponds behind Threshfield Street and parts of Amberton and Stewards Chance, and are all in parts that have yet to be turned over to the Association.  The developer and the County (and perhaps some of the builders) will be making repairs to improve standing water issues behind these homes at no cost to the Association in the next few weeks by installing a French drain (aka artificial river bed to carry the water to a drainage point) and to install a drain directly into the pond. The Board is becoming aware of other standing water issues in parts of the Association already within our control, and will begin to make plans to address those once a management company has been hired.